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Joelle Hadley is an inspirational speaker, author, corporate culture expert and lifestyle coach. Her mission is creating more positive and productive work places. Joelle’s vision is to help every person in the world to love their work and love their life. She is the founder of The Culture Coaches and the co-founder of The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligence. She is the former publisher of the The Phoenix Business Journal. 

Now is the time...For strategic Planning

Mar 03, 2020

For many organizations on a Summer or Fall fiscal financial schedule, NOW is the time to think about your budgets and plans for next year.

Strategic planning might sound intimidating, yet the process is critical to business success. In fact, it’s quite fulfilling, fun and exciting. It increases morale and teamwork, too.

Strategic planning is a step-by-step process to set priorities, focus organizational energy, allocate resources, strengthen operations, and ensure that team members and other stakeholders are working toward common goals. Strategic planning creates a set of desired, clearly articulated outcomes that take advantage of opportunities and produce our most broadly desired results.

If you are thinking about doing strategic planning for your team or organization, here are our 10 Best Practices For Strategic Planning From The Culture Coaches to consider.

  1. Allow plenty of time: Strategic planning takes about two months and 2-4...
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